Promote Your Online Sales Page: 5 Powerful Methods

How do you promote an online sales page? - You’ve thought about holding a sale on your website, cool.  Having a sale is a great way to increase revenue and clear out some old stock.

So you’ve created what you believe to be the most attractive and complete sales landing page possible, you’ve created original content and put in place some photos, videos, and some cool ‘buy it now buttons’ and you’re quite pleased with the layout and overall design.

Now you’re ready for customers to come rolling through the doors and onto your sales page… but wait… what customers? Oops… no one is coming… too bad.

But why?

Oh that’s right, you need to make customers aware of your online sales page, you need to start promoting it.

Creating a great sales page is one hurdle, the next hurdle is to promote it and getting customers flocking to it, and converting those customers into sales.  In this post we’re going to look at 5 simple but effective marketing tactics, in which you can use to promote your online sales page.

1. Promote your Online Sales Page with Correct SEO

Using correct SEO is your first port of call, so ensure your copy uses relevant keywords, your images have suitable alt tags, you use an attention grabbing converting headline title, and that your page is reader friendly.  Also consider adding an attention grabbing message in your Meta description, just write something about what your sales page is about and what it has to offer.  If you want to read more about search engine optimization in greater depth, check out some of the SEO related posts on the blog.

2. Promote your Online Sales Page with an Email Marketing Campaign

If you have a list then use to promote your online sales page, by creating an attractive email marketing campaign.  Don’t forget about brand awareness and promotion, so keep the design and layout of your email newsletter the same as your online sales page.  If you don’t have a list to work with then consider outsourcing one or even better still, start building one, however this process can take some time.

3. Use on-site promotions to promote your Online Sales Page

promote your online sales page

Use attractive banner ads on your website’s home page, or write a few unique articles about your sale and post them to your blog, ensure to add suitable anchor text links pointing back to your online sales page.

4. Use Offline Tactics

Consider using offline methods of promotion such as posting flyers, adding a mention in your local newspaper or magazine, some radio advertising if your budget allows it.

5. Harness the Power of Social Media to promote your Online Sales Page

Make use of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus to reach out to new audiences and promote your online sales page further. Pin images of your products for sale on Pinterest. Ask your friends and families on other social sites to do the same. Also make use of video marketing and use platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Don’t forget to link your online sales page to your promotional videos.

So these are just some simple but extremely effective ways to promote your online sales page, best of luck and here’s to wishing you all the success with increasing sales.

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