How To Create A Facebook Fan Page In 3 Easy Steps

In this post we will follow 3 simple steps to creating a Facebook fan page – Facebook is home to more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. Having a Facebook fan page for your business is an important part of using social media to reach out to customers and promote business growth.

However, there are many small business owners still not taking full advantage of this powerful social platform, believing that Facebook and social media in general won’t make any impact on the their business whatsoever, what these businesses don’t realize is that they’re truly missing out on a whole lot of potential business.

You don’t have to be one of those businesses left out in the dark, get your business on Facebook and begin reaching out to hundreds and thousands of potential prospects today, stop wasting time.

Understanding What a Facebook Page is

A Facebook page was once commonly known as a fan page.  It is a unique and independent page where businesses, clubs and organizations can use to promote their brand names to to their followers or fans.  A Facebook page is only affective if you have a high number targeted fans, and you are actively engaging with those fans on a regular basis.

Almost every small business or important individual has a Facebook fan, from Hollywood celebrities to president Obama.

“Why can’t I just use my Facebook profile to promote my business?”

No one says you can’t, however Facebook does not approve of using personal profiles to promote your business.  More over with a personal profile you’re limited to only having 5,000 people, whilst having a Facebook page, you can have as many fans as you can grow, with the addition that Facebook pages have great search engine presence.

Now let’s get started…

Step One: How to create a Facebook Fan Page for your Business

Now we get down to the exciting part, creating a Facebook fan page for your business, so let’s get started.

The first step is to head over to This tutorial assumes you’re completely new to Facebook.

As the image illustrates below click on the + Create Page tab

Create a Facebook Fan Page

Now pick a category for your fanpage and give it a name. You might want to think about naming your page the same as your business title, so that when customers perform a search for you online, your Facebook page will appear amongst the search results.

You can change the category later on should you wish to.

If you already have a Facebook profile, just log in with your existing log in details. If you’re not yet on Facebook simply select the ‘I do not have a Facebook account’ to get started.

Step Two: Getting Started with Your Facebook Page

Cool, you’re almost there with launching your new Facebook page for your business. OK now we’re going to get started by adding some more information to your page about you and your business.

So the first step in this process is to upload an image. If you are the owner of the company you might want to use a photo of yourself, or for branding purposes you might want to use a company logo. You can upload an image from your computer or grab an image from your company website using the URL field.

Now add some information about you or your company in the about section, then add a link to your blog or company website.

Now create a custom URL for your Facebook page. Facebook automatically creates a unique URL for you, however you can create one of your own choice. Make your URL is simple so that people can remember it easily.

Step Three: Customizing your Facebook  Fan Page

Congratulations you’ve just launched your new Facebook fan page for the world to see, and you’re the first person to like it (Become a fan). Well done, now let’s get customizing.

Firstly explore the admin panel of your new Facebook page, only you can see the data here. The admin panel shows you information about the recent activity on your page, including new Likes, insights and messages, plus much more.

Invite Friends

You can invite your friends to like your Facebook page by clicking the invite friend’s link in your insight box within your admin panel. You can also invite friends via email accounts (Windows Live Mail and Yahoo), up to 5,000 maximum email invites is supported. Unfortunately since Facebook and Google can’t act like grown up adults you can’t invite your Gmail contacts.

Add a Cover Photo

With the new Facebook timeline for pages, you can now upload a banner cover photo to use on your page. This could be a photo of your business premises, products or services or even a cheesy photo of yourself hard at work live I’ve created, you can also put on a stupid grin like I have should you wish to…

That’s it you’re all done, you’ve successfully created a Facebook page for your business, and customized it a little. Now you can promote your Facebook page and start building loads of fans, and we’ve got just the post for you to help you do this.

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