Week 4: 10,000 Fan Page Invites Progress Report & Final Verdict

I just wanted to finalize on the case study we started some 4 weeks ago regarding the purchase of Facebook invites from FanPageHookup.com (NextLevelSocial.com). If you remember we paid for $74 for 10,000 invites, which I’m afraid to report was a complete waste of time, energy and money, so the case study is closed.

A big let down…

After dissecting the number of fans on my page, I can actually reveal that I received 11 new fans out of a possible 10,000 invites purchased and paid for. Just to be clear it does mention on their site that they can’t guarantee the number of invites that will convert into fans, which is understandable, but 11 fans from 10,000 invites is taking the pi55 I think.

I tried to claim back back my $74 through PayPal with no resolution. Not even PayPal saw mercy in this instance and so I was left out of pocket…

So what does this all mean?

It means my case study concludes, if anyone is thinking of using such services for purchasing Facebook invites, just bare in mind that from my case study, the success rate of purchasing Facebook invites from FanPageHookup resulted is around 2%! Which means they are 98% ineffective. That’s pretty poor show when considering we tested a smaller site BuyTargetedFans.com who were offering 1,000 Fan page invites for $10 and as a result we received 170 fans within the first week with continued growth.

So should I buy Facebook fans?

Yes and no. Yes purchase invites but ensure they are from a reputable site and you are purchasing targeted invites only. Test the water and buy only a few fans to begin with. If all is well, go in with the kill and purchase more. There are some great Facebook marketing service providers out there, be careful which one you pick though. If you’re thinking about using NextLeveSocial.com, just think about it first. I’m not saying don’t use them, but personally I found their services and particularly their after sales service ‘shite’ as we say in England.

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  2. MyWclub says:

    Thank you for being so honest about your case study.

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