March 3, 2011

Are you Ready to take your Blogging to the Next Level?

If you’ve been spending the last 6 to 8 months tampering around with your blog and writing the odd post here and there, but would now like to get more serious about it then read on my friends.

As with many newbie bloggers I started blogging with BlogSpot some 12 months ago with Top Load, which is how I got into sharing my small business marketing tips on. In July 2010 I launched using SiteMaker Live by Moonfruit, which was eventually moved onto WordPress in October 2010 with .net as the extension. Mangnet4Marketing dot Net was to be my first serious solo blogging venture.

Having found happiness with WordPress and coming up to my 200th blog post in the not so distant future, I’m more passionate now about succeeding than ever before.

So if you’ve got somewhat of a similar story then here are some top tips and methods that I’ve learnt throughout 2010, in which you can also use to get more serious on a professional level with your blogging venture.

1 – Is it time to leave BlogSpot?

A lot of top bloggers will tell you that to become more flexible and to have a more professional approach with your blog you’ll need to move on from BlogSpot and onto a self-hosted blog such as WordPress. It’s a bit like leaving playschool and moving on to big school J

This is true in many ways as getting a self-hosted blog gives you more creative flexibility, the tools and features to make your blog unique and personal. There are many websites and blogs available on the web offering the services of transferring you from BlogSpot to WordPress, as well as websites offering to create a unique and personal custom blog design.

2. Custom Blog Theme

As you become more and more familiar and confident with your blogging and you’re creating a lot of quality content and attracting a good number of readers, consider investing in a more professional looking blog theme. Premium WordPress themes doesn’t cost the earth, I personally recommend using Genesis Theme Framework with a premium customisable theme if you’re using WordPress.

3. Write more Frequently!

If you’ve been writing a couple of post’s a couple of times a month and are serious about making a success with your blog then you’ll simply have to devote a bit more time to writing fresh, unique and informative content. Aim to write around 2 to 3 new posts per week or if possible write on a daily basis.

4. Interact More with your Readers and Commentators

One way to get more readers commenting on your posts is by simply interacting a lot more with them. Thank them individually if you have to for commenting on your posts, ask questions and create room for argument.

5. Learn Internet Marketing

You might think that just because your blog is focused around slimming and weight loss recipes you won’t need to get involved in internet marketing because that’s not your topical niche. Wrong, if you want to attract targeted traffic to your blog then you’ll need to learn the intriguing art of internet marketing, and we have plenty of tips for you here to get you started.

Well folks, that’s all I have to share with you today, if you’ve enjoyed reading this post or any of our top blogging tips on Magnet4Marketing dot Net then why not subscribe to our RSS for all the latest future updates.

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