22 Blog RSS Directories To Submit Your Blog To

One of the most challenging tasks as a newbie blogger is getting traffic to your sparkly new blog.  Marketing and promoting your blog is an integral part of your successful blogging, it is an ongoing process which every blogger has to undertake.

Guest posting, commenting on other blogs, participating on online forums, social networking and content syndication, social bookmarking and submitting to business directory sites are amongst the most popular used methods of blog promotion. However undertaking these methods can be quite time consuming, which is why if you’re serious about marketing and promoting your blog, you need some kind of blogging schedule..

One other wonderful way to start getting traffic and foremost generating lots of targeted readers to your blog is by submitting your blog URL to blog directories.  Below I’ve compiled a list of 15 top popular blog RSS directories which you can submit your blog to right now.  These directories also allow you to submit the URL to your RSS feed, which is a powerful way to get new readers to subscribe to your blog updates via RSS.

1. http://www.bloggers.com

2. http://www.blog-collector.com/

3. http://www.blogengage.com

4. http://www.bloglines.com/

5. http://www.blogpulse.com/

6. http://www.blogrollcenter.com/

7. http://chordata.info/

8. http://www.crayon.net/

9. http://www.delightfulblogs.com/

10. http://www.icerocket.com/

11. http://www.feedmap.net/

12. http://www.feednuts.com/

13. http://www.feedplex.com/

14. http://www.feedooyoo.com/

15. http://fwisp.com/

16. http://www.malatya.us/

17. http://www.minnesota.com/blog-directory/

18. http://www.ontoplist.com/

19. http://www.rssfeeds.org/

20. http://www.search4blog.com/

21. http://www.zimbio.com/

22. http://www.wutzle.com/

If you enjoyed checking out this resourceful list of blog RSS directories please leave me a comment below, and of course if you know of any others yourself that you wish to add to the list above, don’t forget to add them to your comment.

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  • Marty

    Very good list of RSS directories. I will put it to good use

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Thanks Marty glad it will come to great use and you enjoyed the post.

  • http://ukbusinesslink.co.uk Samantha Wright

    Not quite 15 you’ve listed 22 :) Great tips as always Fabzy!

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Sam, yes my mistake 22 not 15, thanks for noticing :)

  • http://www.bitdoze.com Bit Doze

    Very good list, you can gain more readers and backlinks. Thanks for sharing. I will try them now.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Glad it will come to great use Bit Doze, thanks for your comment.

  • http://hypertransitory.com/ John Garrett

    Awesome. Thanks for putting together this list Fabrizio, now it’s time to start getting my click on.

    Blog directories, here I come..!

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi John, I’m pleased you have found these directories useful, I know I have, it’s a great list to start working on and getting some much needed exposure to your blog as well as building a few essential backlinks.

  • Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Hey Kavita, thanks for your comment and I do hope the list will come to great use.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      You’re most welcome Natalie, best of luck with the list :)

  • http://www.lookatbigcommerce.com Ayden @ Look At BigCommerce

    Hey Fabrizio,

    Are these sites really worth spending time submitting to? If so, how can you measure your success with them?

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Ayden, well for sure there isn’t a real effective way to measure the success of submitting to these directories accept for noticing some backlinks gained from them. But I do hope that submitting to them will generate more interest to your blog and therefore get you more readers and followers. Best of luck.

      • http://www.lookatbigcommerce.com Ayden @ Look At BigCommerce

        Hey Fabrizio,

        I agree with what you said. The backlinks sure are worth the effort. I thought about adding this method to my marketing efforts for a while – I was questioning it because I wanted quantifiable ways to measure it. But as you said, the backlinks are worthwhile – and over time that should help in the SERPs.

  • http://blog.internet-khazana.com Mohsin Ali Waheed

    Awesome list Marciano. I was wondering why my blog is not getting any serious traffic but now i hope that i will get some more traffic.

  • http://www.forextradebox.com sameer

    This article is very helpful. The list of the directories are great. Thanks for the valuable information.

  • Loc

    This is an awesome list. It is going to take a while for me to go through all these dofollow sites but it is going to be well worth it. I hope it is going to increase my pagerank.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Best of luck with it Loc :)