February 17, 2011

9 Things that make’s Rockmelt the Ultimate Blogger’s Web Browser!

Ever since Rockmelt showed up I have been using nothing else with the exception of Mozilla Firefox.

If you remember a while back we did a full in-depth review of Rockmelt. Rockmelt has been a dream web browser to use, and one of the main reasons being personally for me, is because I am a bit of a social networking freak when it comes down to it. But on all serious notes as a blogger this is the ultimate web browser to be using and here are 9 things that make it so.

Social Networking Enhanced for Twitter & Facebook

With the impact of the Web 2.0 phenomenon, Rockmelt has recognised the need for a standalone browser that will render the activities of today’s net surfer into one hub.

Rockmelt is the social network friendly web browser that allows you to integrate your online social interventions, namely with Facebook and Twitter whilst writing your latest blog post, or any other online activities for that fact.

You can interact with all or any of your contacts or even update your Facebook status or update your Tweets without ever leaving your current post in progress page or browsing page.


As well as adding your feeds from Facebook and Twitter, you can also add your feeds from favourite blogs and websites too, perfect for keeping up to tabs with what some of your favourite bloggers are writing about and getting ideas for your next post maybe.

Share Instantly

Sharing stuff on Rockmelt is a real pleasure in itself; by simply dragging and dropping items, pictures, and links from any page into Twitter or Facebook. No pop-ups, or waiting for pages to load, just quick and simple.

If you’re browsing your own blog for example, you can easily click share at the top of your browser and choose what to share on that page and where to share it too. Share a few lines from your blog or links or images, Rockmelt makes the possibilities of sharing endless.


Rockmelt uses Chromium 9 which makes it one of the fastest browsers available.

Compatible with Chrome Extensions

There are a number of useful Chrome extensions that are compatible with Rockmelt such as Gmail Checker Plus as well as many others from the Chrome library such as ScribeFire, one of my favourites.

Spell Check on the Go!

Using Rockmelt allows me to write my posts straight from the editor without using Word document software to check spelling, as the browser does this for me automatically, sweet!

Clutter Free!

One of the things I love about using Rockmelt is that its clutter free and aesthetically pleasing too.

Memorable Shortcuts!

Shortcuts are relatively easy to memorize on Rockmelt with some of the more useful webmaster shortcuts such as the search box by hitting Ctrl and F. This tool is almost certainly useful for checking keyword saturation on your blog posts.

Stan Alone!

In my mind Rockmelt is the ultimate standalone web browser, and the ideal browser for bloggers. Certainly use it alongside Firefox and you’ll be on the road to good things. It’s faster, easier to use and diverse, it’s certainly the start of good things to come from Rockmelt from a bloggers point of view.

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