Best WordPress Plug-ins Recommended for Bloggers

Key reasons

One of the key reasons that make WordPress such a good blogging platform is the high number of plug-ins that you can use to enhance the performance and aesthetics of your website. No matter what idea you come up with to improve your blog, you can be more than sure that a WP plug-in already exists to help you in accomplishing it. So if you are a basic WP user that wants to get more out of his or her blog in an easy way then this article is perfect for you because you will find out about the top WP plug-ins that are basically a must for any serious blogger.

wordpress plug-ins recommended for bloggers

Comments and popular blog entries

It is common sense that when it comes to blogging, posts that are more popular and commented get your site higher traffic! so a good way to monitor these is by using the “Most Commented Widget” and the “WordPress Popular Posts” plug-ins. The first one will add a widget to the sidebar of your blog that will keep track of posts that receives the highest number of comments and the second one will show the most popular blog entries again in your sidebar.

All-in-One SEO plug-in

A mandatory plug-in that any WP blogger should use is the All in One SEO plug-in. It will allow you to change the content of your website so that your blog will show up more effectively in search engine results and thus attract more traffic. You can also tweak Meta tags, title tags or keywords for the same purpose.

“Thank Me Later”

Another useful plug-in that can attract more constant visitors to your blog is “Thank Me Later”. If installed it gives you the opportunity to send an e-mail to each of your first time readers and also to inform them about your RSS feed. Download plug-in!

Video Pack plug-in

If you also like to spice up your blog by uploading media such as videos, then you should definitely use the All in One Video Pack plug-in. Not only will it allow you to embed videos but it will also come with lots of other options like uploading, editing and managing your videos while supporting over 150 formats.

ReplyMe plug-in

When it comes to attracting a larger number of visitors to your blog and building a community, simple conversations that can develop into longer and more interesting debates are a key factor. To ensure this happens as often as possible you can use the ReplyMe plug-in which enables you to send e-mails to any of your readers that comment on your blog and receive responses directly addressed to what they wrote.

Say “NO!” to spam comments

Unfortunately sometimes you will have to deal with a lot of spam comments so to make sure you can solve this problem in a swift way you should use the Akismet plug-in and prevent this.

Gravity Forms

When it comes to WP forms, the “Gravity Forms” plug-in is by far the best. It can build posts and also gives you the option to upload images and media. It’s basically the best form plug-in out there for WP.

WP Database Backup plug-in

Because it is always good to stay on the safe side and back-up all your information, the WP Database Backup plug-in is mandatory for any serious WordPress user. Not only will it store your complete database in a zip file but it will also provide you with the option to automatically run scheduled backups.

WP- PageNavi plug-in

We all know that the Older Posts and Newer Posts buttons are pretty bland so to make the navigation on your blog easier and more dynamic you should use the WP- PageNavi plug-in. What this plug-in does is that it gives you the option to use page buttons which look better and allow the readers to navigate straight to the page they want.

WP e-commerce

If your blog has developed into a large website with a respectable community then you might be thinking of turning it into an online store. If this is the case then the perfect plug-in to do this is WP e-commerce. It will provide you with all the means necessary to run an e-commerce site within your blog.

Total Cache plug-in

Last but probably the most important on our list is a handy plug-in that can do wonders for the load time of your pages. Since navigation speed is such an important factor in keeping your consistent visitors, the W3 Total Cache plug-in is without a doubt the first one any respectable blogger should install.

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  1. Nice post and a good list of Plug-ins. All great plugins but i would like to see Yoast WordPress plugin in place of All in one SEO Pack. Yoast has a lot more options than AIOSP.

  2. Samantha says:

    I have to agree here too. I know the all-in-one SEO is a lot more popular amongst bloggers but the Yoast plugin has a host of powerful SEO analysis tools that you can tweak and play about with for every post you create. Great other plugins though, thanks Kevin.

  3. I use less than 10 plugins in my blog to make sure the performance and speed is not shaken. Great list of plugins you have suggested.

    All in one seo plugin produces some PHP Notice error these days and i am not able to find any perfect solution for it. :(


  4. David Laigh says:

    Awesome post Kevin these new all great plugins. Top man for adding this. The wp database backup I think is a must.

  5. Hi Kevin,
    Some great plug-in there that I wasn’t aware of. I will certainly be checking out WP Database Backup plug-in. That something that always worried me, if there was some problem with my hosting servers.
    We have been having some problems with site speed and recently installed W3 Total Cache, however it caused some problems for us and had to deactivate. We use hostgator who “claim” its already installed on its servers.
    Thanks Don

  6. I use wordpress for almost all my websites. These are some of the top plug-in’s that I use. They work great and are real easy to use.

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