How to Build an Ecommerce Website Using Moonfruit [Part 3]

Getting your Own Domain

This is the third instalment of our ‘how to build and ecommerce website using Moonfruit’ tutorials, and this week I’m going to show you how to register your own domain name and assign it to your new ecommerce website.

Many of you who already use Moonfruit will be familiar with the processes of the last couple of posts including this domain name registration tutorial, the aim of these tutorials are to introduce new people not yet familiar with Moonfruit, and to show them that how cost effective and simple it can be to set up an online business in an ecommerce environment.


Ok so let’s begin…

We’ve looked at the processes of creating a Moonfruit account and launching your ecommerce website, whilst at this point no one else other than yourself knows about your website, so don’t panic in thinking that everyone’s going to see an unfinished website when they click on it, because as I said no body is going to know about it except for you. We’ll look more at marketing and promoting your Moonfruit ecommerce website later on in the series.

Registering a Domain Name

Ok I’m assuming you know what a domain name is so I won’t elaborate too much; in short it’s the web address of your site that famously begins with www… you know the one.

Step One

Log into your Moonfruit dashboard as normal and in the top right hand corner click on account… In the drop down menu, click on domains.


Step Two

Once the domain page has loaded you’ll be given several options across the top. Register, Transfer, Manage and Billing which are all pretty self-explanatory. If you want to transfer an existing domain name that you may already have hosted elsewhere, then hit the transfer button and follow the instructions.


Since we’re looking at getting a whole new domain name for your ecommerce website, go right ahead and click on the Register button.


Step Three

The domain registration page is pretty straight forward. You simply enter up to 50, or less whichever, domain names you want to find that is available for all the checked extensions and hit next. If you only want to search for domain names with the .com extension for example, just un-tick all the other boxes.


In the search results you will notice that the domain name magnet4media which I searched for is available for all the extensions except for .com which I already purchased at an earlier date. I’ll be using this domain name to show you how to assign it to your site later.


Once you have found the domain name you want to purchase, select which currency in which you want to view the prices in, select which domain(s) you want to purchase and hit next

On the next page you will be asked to confirm the domain name you wish to purchase, agree to the terms and taken to the WorldPay payment processing page.

Once you’ve purchased your domain name, you’ll be brought back to the manage domains page where upon you’ll have to wait a couple of hours normally for it to be processed, you are normally notified by email of this.

Assigning your New Domain to your Moonfruit Site

Ok, after you receive your confirmation email that the purchase of your domain has been accepted and completed, you can come back to the manage domains page… We’ll now assign your new domain name to your Moonfruit website, so to do this simply hit email and settings under the new domain name.

Moonfruit domain name

On this page simply click on the assign this domain to a site tab where you can select the site from the drop down menu.

Now select whether you want to forward all emails associated with this domain to your current email address, or whether you want to create a new mailbox for it. In this tutorial I’ve selected forward emails to an existing email address.


Hit next

The process only takes a few seconds depending on your internet speed, but once you’re done with the settings simply hit apply and you’re done!

By default Moonfruit creates three email addresses associated with your domain, you can create up to five. This means you can have a professional email address which you can change at anytime e.g. sales[at]


Check your Moonfruit website…

You can enter your new domain into the search bar to see the changes take effect; however it can take up to 72 hours for your new domain name to propagate around the web.

And that is how you register a domain name and assign it to your new ecommerce website.

In the next post we’re going to look at all the design and editing tools and features within Moonfruit, and begin building our ecommerce website from scratch, so stay tuned or even better still, subscribe to our RSS for all the latest updates.

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