How to Promote your Blog – [Part One]

How to promote your blog - The blogosphere… a dimension flooded by passionate individuals all fighting for a place under the limelight as a recognized individual with authority in their chosen niche or niches.

Why has blogging become so popular? Is it because many people have realized that blogging is a profitable business venture? Is it the answer to many people’s problems looking for financial freedom and more time on their hands to do the things they love most? Or do many people blog for the pure reason that they’re passionately addicted to it?

What ever the case may be, one thing is for sure we’re all in the same race, wanting to finish in top place, to be the proud owner of a successful iconic blog that others can look up to. So, the only way to do this is to promote your blog, simple…. Promotion or more appropriately marketing is the only way to succeed in blogging… of course other factors are important too such as passion, commitment and perseverance… but let’s look at promotion only. Let’s look at how to promote your blog effectively.

Getting traffic to your blog is perhaps the most challenging task in a blogger’s career. Yet it is also the most important ingredient of a successful blog. Essentially some blogs pick up traffic a lot faster than others and this could be because of several reasons, including the type of niche. For a quick example, a tech blog might certainly become successful a lot faster and with lot less effort than a blog that talks about dog grooming… Beg to differ? let me know your thoughts.

However regardless of this factor, there are still many things you can do to promote your blog.

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How to Promote your Blog Online

How to Promote your blog with great content

Content is the ultimate blog promotion tactic, you know the saying ‘content is king’, this is 100% true regardless of what you may have read elsewhere. The internet is made up of pure content and nothing else, the better it is, the better chance you will have at succeeding with it. If your content is crap, no matter what you do to try and promote it, it simply won’t be worth your effort. You might as well take up skiing uphill wearing roller-skates, you’ll have better luck with that…

How to Promote your blog with good design and layout

Ultimately the design and layout of your blog can also determine the success of it. If you value your content and your readers you will most certainly not give them a naff looking blog design and layout that you downloaded freely somewhere online. It would be much more beneficial for you to invest in a premium WordPress theme or framework. This not only promotes visitors to stay on your blog, but also improves the performance and functionality of your blog.

Promote to your blog with effective SEO

Ok we’ve looked at content; design and layout now let’s briefly talk about the root of your content, SEO… the queen that stands besides the king, being content. One of the biggest reasons why so many blogs don’t succeed or don’t get the traffic it deserves is because of SEO, or more over the lack of it. If you’re using the blogging platform Blogger, in hope to build a successful blog, you have your work cut out as far as SEO is concerned. I’d highly recommended if possible migrating to WordPress, self-hosted if you are using Blogger.

If you are running a self-hosted blog and don’t use an SEO plugin, I’d highly recommend the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. It’s nothing like it’s more popular rival the All-in-One SEO for WordPress, it is in fact a lot more powerful with a lot more on-page options and analysis tools than the All-in-One.

Whilst it’s also spoken that you should not write for the search engines, and more for your audience, it does pay hugley to pay close attention to keywords, key-phrases, meta’s and other forms of optimizing your post and articles for better search engine rankings.

How to Promote your blog with better performance

We touched on this a little bit in the design and layout part. But let me remind you that the performance of your blog is imperative if you want to promote it effectively, and get more visitors to it. This means having a solid web hosting service provider, having the latest version of WordPress installed, having a solid theme or framework and installing plugins that will help you optimize your blog further. Talking of plugins, here are a couple of recommended plugins you might want to install and use –

  1. Clean Options Plugin
  2. Better Delete Revisions Plugin
  3. WP-Database Optimizer Plugin
  4. WP Super-Cache Plugin

How to Promote your Blog… To be continued…

In the next post we’ll take a look at how to promote your blog using top marketing methods… stay tuned.

  • Johnny Brooks

    Good suggestions. I think I will upgrade to the premium WordPress theme.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Glad you liked the tips on going premium Johnny :)

  • Fabrizio Van Marciano

    I agree with you there completely, most people assume that all you need is great content, but great content alone won’t get you traffic and readers. Learning how to promote and market your blog effectively is a must if anyone wants to properly succeed with their blog’s. I also have to agree with you that first impression is the most important, well said.

  • Birgit

    Don’t forget RSS, twitter and Facebook. With an RSS feed you can automatic post every article to the general public.

    • Fabrizio

      Hi Birgit, thanks for dropping by, thanks for adding these to the list, I will be mentioning them in the next part of this post :)

  • John

    Thanks for the useful tips. I agree with you that a tech blog achieves success faster than other blogs. My sister started an inspirational blog around a year back and my cousins started an internet marketing blog just four months back but currently they both are having same traffic. Is there any way this fact can be changed?

    • Fabrizio

      Interesting, do either of them promote their blog’s in any way to get traffic?

      • Steve

        You are right Fabrizio! Tech blogs seem to be hit in a short time. I believe that the reason is that is the most wanted stuff on the net. For example: for other things like food recipes, parenting, gardening there is loads of organized information available but when it comes to technology there are only few blogs that present the information in a reader friendly way.

  • apple@Austin Investment Consulting

    It’s interesting to know these ideas. I’m working on my content, as we all know it’s important to Google. I’m pretty much working on my optimization too , both internal and external.

    • Fabrizio

      Content is important as you say, unique and informative content is even more important.

  • Ptc trusted

    I think (as you said) that the king is content combined with quantity,seo,promoting via ppc ,and tthe most important is domination of google… Also social marketing which means promoting via Facebook,Twitter etc is very powerful… As you said wordpress seo by Yoast is more powerful than All in one Seo but the second is more popular… I personally use WordPress seo by Yoast.. Nice article we are waiting the next parts…

  • Christopher Campbell

    You really have a lot of great points here. However, the best tip you can give someone who wants to be that authority is to have good and credible content. Start with that and supplement your effort by doing the rest of the tips.

    I’m waiting for the next part of this post.

  • Joey@AlloDerm Inflammation Attorneys

    All of your tips are very essential. Putting up a blog means satisfying what viewers might demand. User-friendly environment, catchy and relevant design and specially the consistency of content. It would be better to do first on-site optimization before linking outside by SEO.

  • Ileane

    Fabrizio, many bloggers are all looking for ways to provide unique content and I think one thing people can do is spend some time reading other blogs. I don’t meant reading all of the so called A-list blogs, but after awhile you will know a quality blog when you see one. Hang out there and try some of the technique or tips and then put your own spin on them. You can’t create unique content unless you have your own unique experiences. Bloggers need to do this more often so that their readers know they are speaking from the heart. Your blog is a perfect example of this – every time I visit I want to spend more time here. Nice job!

  • technonewsboxblog

    yes amazing descriptive information and really can give help to promote blog more successfully ..hope you also like my blog