Selecting the Right Shopping Cart for Your Business

What Difference Does A Shopping Cart Make?

The shopping cart experience is far more important that what people presume. One might presume that as long as all the other marketing activities are in place, it doesn’t matter how good or bad the shopping cart is. It is presumed that a god sales pitch can win over the consumer. However, the fact is that, the shopping cart is extremely important because it is the basis of the user experience.

Was the user able to make a comfortable purchase? Was the process easy or difficult? And finally, was the experience good enough for him to return?

While the shopping cart holds so much importance in the user experience and buying experience, it is something that cannot be ignored.

Shopping Cart

A. Key Features to Look For While Selecting Shopping Cart Software

1. Secure Host

Just like you can trust Google and Gmail with your content, you need to find a good shopping cart software host who will take care of the entire shopping experience of the user.

The host websites offer security, privacy, check-in, check-out and everything that is needed. All you need to do is sign up with the website; but which website? That’s for you to find out. Ensure that you are getting a professional web hosting company on board.

2. Usability and Easiness

Your user or buyer is not some tech guru. He is a simple man who wants to make a purchase. Make it an easy process. The shopping cart should be easy to use. How comfortably can you add products to your shopping cart? Most software trials will allow you to make this test before you buy anything. So, do the test and see if it suits you.

3. Is The Cart SEO Friendly?

One of the main ways in which people will reach your site to make a purchase is through search engines. And most shopping carts give you the freedom to write the titles, META keywords and META descriptions that will help search engine optimization. So, ensure that this is available to you also.

B. Marketing Tools to Look For In Your Shopping Cart

Marketing tools are another set of elements that your shopping cart must offer. These marketing tools help you to market your products and consequently, improve sales.

1. Social Connect

Does the shopping cart have the Facebook shop facility? People are on their Facebook home pages more than they are at their own homes! Hence, your shopping cart software should make it possible for you to set up your Facebook shop if the need be.

2. Google Ads

The next destination is the pay per click campaigns. Your shopping cart software should easily create the Google AdWords Ads so that your products can feature on user search requests and the click through rate can be increased.

C. Price and Payment

Finally, you shouldn’t be paying too much or too less for your shopping cart. Shopping carts are available for free as well as specialized. Chose what is best for your business. More so, what are the payment gateways that your shopping cart software offers? It should be compatible with what your target audience would prefer. Ultimately, the TG has to be the focus!

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    Personally saying, I prefer shopping carts with the Facebook integration. You know, it avoids all that typing of name and email address and stuff! And you’re right! It’s like my first home :D