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This is a review and brief tutorial of the AWPCP plugin for WordPress - G’day peeps, today I want to bring to your attention an awesome plugin for WordPress, which perhaps most of you have probably already used or come across at some stage, especially since it has had over 150,000 downloads since it’s birth over three years ago.

The plugin in question is called Another WordPress Classified Plugin a.k.a AWPCP for WordPress.

What is AWPCP plugin?

It’s a plugin… though I know I’ve already mentioned that, I thought I’d say it again… it’s a plugin… a plugin that enables you to create a classified ads directory within your WordPress site.

I’ve just installed this plugin myself because I’m looking to offer a jobs and ads section to clients looking to advertise their blog related job vacancies and services on a reputable site, and generally also for people looking for blogging related jobs and services. But I’ll talk more about that later.

The plugin is extremely easy to install and configure, it’s slated as the number 1 classified ads WordPress plugin within the directory, and rightly so.

There are tons of features to get your teeth into which includes –

  • Ad features
  • Notification features
  • Payment features
  • Ad posting controls
  • Image features
  • And premium modules to enhance this plugin further

Downloading and Installing AWPCP plugin

You can download this plugin from the WordPress plugins directory and upload it to your blog, or search for it from the plugins dashboard within your WordPress blog admin and install it that way, which is much simpler.

AWPCP Plugin Review

General AWPCP Settings

Once you have activated the plugin you can choose to take the guided tour or skip it entirely. Let’s go through some of the settings and features which makes this plugin a desirable one.

AWPCP Plugin Review

There are a ton of options in this plugin, the general settings allows you to add your own terms of service, make selections for anti-spam (Aksimet) and Captcha – I turned off these features because when carried out a test ad, the form came back to tell me that my ad placement had been marked as spam, which it clearly wasn’t, so disabling the Anti-spam solved this problem.

If you’re worried about getting too many spam ad / listing requests, you can change the settings so that the ads need to be moderated before appearing live.

There are some other settings under general that also allows you to customize window title, widget and SEO and enabling user ad management panel. See image below.

General Settings

Classified Pages

When you activate the plugin pages are automatically created for your classifieds. In this section you can change the name of the pages to suit how you want to use the plugin.

As an added tip, I’d recommend going to the individual pages and editing each page to make desired changes also. For example you might want to add detailed information to each page i.e. provide special instructions to your users. I’d also recommend making all your classified pages no-index, except maybe the AWPCP main page.

classified pages


On this page you can customize and change settings for notifications, moderation, layout and presentation and menu items.

Notifications - Here you can able and disable admin and user email notifications. For example you may want users to be notified when there is a new reply made to one of their ads, or one of their ads is about to expire and so forth.

Moderation - Here you can determine whether ads should be moderated before appearing live on your classifieds board. You can also customize the ad waiting approval message.

Layout and presentation - Here you can really customize the layout of the ads that appear in your classified pages. The options include -

  • Thumbnail width
  • Allow HTML in ad text
  • Maximum ad length in characters
  • How ads appear i.e. new ones first, old ones first, featured ads first etc
  • Default number of ads per page and more…

Menu items - Allows you to able and disable menu option link in your ad home page.


Now the fun really begins, especially with the payment page. This is where you can determine whether you want to charge for a listing or not. You have options for currency selection and PayPal integration which is very simple to do. There is also an option for enabling 2Checkout.

payment page

Once you’ve made changes here you can head straight over to the fees page and create your ad / listing plans in the classified ads management panel. You can choose to create a free ad listing plan and then some paid ones. See image below.

fees and plans

Once you’re all setup you can view your page in action – an example is shown below of the page I’ve created for Jobs / Ads on this blog…

Buy Ads

There is also a category section where you can add appropriate categories to suit the nature of your ads. The categories can also have an order list in which they appear for better organization. Categories make it simple for people viewing your ads / listings on your page to find the right ads. Under settings / general you can choose whether you want ads to appear in the main menu or not. If you leave this box unchecked only the categories will be displayed, which we think is a pretty cool feature in itself.


One of the cool things I love about this classified plugin is that you have tons of options, and another one of them is the options in image settings. There is quite a lot to cover here but generally there isn’t anything you can’t do as far as allowing images on your listings, such as determining the maximum file size to thumbnail options.

Uploaded images goes to a named folder predetermined as uploads folder, however this folder must exist and be located in your wp-content directory. So if you want to allow images to be uploaded with a new ad / listing, I think you may need to create an upload folder manually in your wp-content directory, don’t quote me on this but ‘I think’ that’s what you need to do.


The plugin also allows you to add an AdSense unit to your ads / listings. This can be manually turned off if you don’t want ads in your ads / listings.

Form Field

Here you can check and uncheck boxes for the fields you want to show and the fields that you want to make mandatory.

Registration Settings

Email Settings

Finally we get to the email settings – This page allows you to configure settings for emails received by a user after posting a listing on your site. For example – a thank you for your submission email.

There is also options for configuring reply to ad emails, you can again make changes here to how they appear and what they contain. For example – Hi, someone has replied to your ad / listing on Magnet4Marketing…

Other configurable options include -

  • Request ad message
  • Incomplete payment message
  • Ad expired message
  • Renew ad message and more…


I’ve not mentioned all of the features in this review so I’ll leave you to explore the plugin further yourself. But this is by far one of the best free plugins I’ve seen, and the premium options only allow you to purchase and use dedicated modules to expand this plugin further, which is great I think. For example there are dedicated modules that will allow you to add paid featured listings and regions control. You can find out more about these modules here – Premium Modules for AWPCP

We’ve been thinking about expanding the services of the blog, and one of the features we’ve now added is a Jobs / Ads classified page, so this plugin is coming in extremely useful. Bloggers and businesses are now able advertise their blog, online business, social media, marketing related jobs and services on Magnet4Marketing for as little as $7.

If you’re looking to add a similar classified service to your WordPress site, or expand your revenue stream, this plugin should definitely be worth your while. I’ll leave it up to you to decide, however if you’ve used this plugin before or have any comments to add, please do so below as always.

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  • http://www.rancorinfotech.com Aditya

    Hey Fab,
    I guess this plugin has almost everything it has to be.And you made it Soooooo…. easy to use for everyone who will read this post.A thumbs up for you pal. :)

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey mate yeah it’s an amazing plugin it really is. I’m still tweaking with different options at the moment but I’m hoping to be able to accept images in the ads jobs too. Glad you liked the review bro.
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  • http://www.guideandnews.com/ Ehsan Ullah

    Hey Fab, This is another cool plugin review. I’m using another premium plugin which is similar to AWCP. The name of the plugin which I’m using is CashDonator from my friend Enstine. Did you get chance to check that one?
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    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Ehsan, thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed the review buddy, I’ll be sure to check out CashDonator some time soon. I just might have to purchase it and give that a review too lol :)

  • http://bestaccident-attorneys.com/ Robert Koenig

    Hi Fabz this a great review of a cool plugin. You broke it down so easily, thanks so much.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Thanks Robert :)

  • http://www.globalnetworkseo.com anshul

    Hi Fabz! this plugin which have defined well is interesting and many benefit of it mainly for making money bloggers.so i like this plugin. thanks for sharing about this information.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Anshul thanks mate, glad the review met your approval. Have you used this plugin at all before? It’s a very simple plugin and the modules available make it even better. I’m running this plugin on the blog for a few months to see how it goes.

  • Samantha Wright

    Awesome review Fabzy, you make them so simple to follow too. I’ve not known about this plugin before so I’m pleased you reviewed it here. How easy is it to link PayPal to it, do you need to create a custom button or anything like that? BTW good luck with the jobs and services section you’ve added.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Sammy, yeah it’s real simple. You just add your PayPal email address and that’s pretty much it, there is no need to create a custom button. I’m thinking of repricing the ad slots too what do you think?

  • http://www.makemenoise.com Avinash King Avinash | MakeMeNoise

    WOW!!! That’s cool :)

    Really Amazing :) I really appreciate it and i want to give it a try.
    I think- It is good for me to manage classified.

    Thank You for sharing knowledge with us. :)
    Wishing you success ahead. :)

  • http://oddblogger.com Abhi Balani

    Hey Fabrizio,

    The plugin looks really good to me. I have never used it. I will give it a look. And this is what I call a thorough tutorial. I am surely gonna send people this way if they get any problem using or installing this plugin.
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  • http://www.midwaymarketplace.com Maxwell Ivey

    Hi, I have had items for sale on my site since the beginning. They have always been under a link called equipment listings. Is there a way in this plug in for me to change it from saying classifieds to say equipment listings? also, I’ve recently been using gallery 3 but have been experiencing a lot of problems due to it generating unnecessary php calls. do you know if anyone has had a similar problem with this WordPress plug in. By the way I’m in the process of transitioning my site from a static one to a WordPress one. Appreciate the review and look forward to your reply, max.

  • http://studyworldglobal.com Srinivas Venkataraman

    Have you checked on any live websites using this plugin in the top 100000 Alexa ranking club?