3 Popular Online Tools to Help You Spy On Your Competitor’s Website For Free

Spy On Your Competitor's WebsiteAnyone involved in internet marketing these days will tell you just how important research is.  When it comes to evaluating what your competitors are doing, you need to be able to gather as much crucial data about them as possible, which you can later use to fine tune your own marketing efforts, for improving your position in the marketplace.

Without further delay, here are 3 free popular online tools to help you spy on your competitor’s website at no cost.

3 Useful Tools For Spying On Your Online Competitors

Alexa.com Alexa is nothing new, sure it’s something that every webmaster has gone to now and again to check out their own website traffic rankings, but how often have you used it to check your competitors statistics?

Alexa can provide us with valuable information on how engaged visitors are on a particular site, data on audience demographics, where traffic is coming from and from what keywords.  I’m a little skeptical about how accurate the data actually is from Alexa, I don’t believe its 100% accurate, but still a great tool to use for gathering some raw data.

BacklinkWatch BacklinkWatch is powered by ahrefs (which you might be familiar with), and is a useful tool for analyzing your competitor’s website’s backlink profile.  You can do this by simply typing the URL of your competitor’s website into the box.  Be warned it can take a little while for the report to be generated, so be patient.

You can generate a report for thousands of backlinks to a URL and retrieve useful data such as; anchor text, PR (pagerank) and the number of backlinks and outbound links, and whether any inbound links have been flagged as .

KeywordSpy.com – This tool is particularly useful for spying on your competitor’s keywords.  The tool can provide you with data in key areas such as; PPC keywords used, organic keywords and their positions and competitors, as well as organic listing variations.

Like I said these are commonly used tools, but we don’t make better use of them hopefully you’ll find use for these if you’re not already doing so.

Image credit: Flickr user http://www.flickr.com/photos/twicepix/