Major Opportunities And Challenges Of Leveraging Twitter Advertising

As we all know, social media is very much a driving force in today’s market.  There are many different and wildly successful platforms that operate as social media today.  More come up every other day, but as far as continuity and tenure goes, Twitter is one of the oldest and most successful platforms today.  And […]

4 Important Rules for Creating Video Advertisements on Mobile Websites

As mobile websites have increased in popularity over the recent years, many businesses have realized the excellent opportunity for increased advertising and reaching out to a greater audience. Whether selling the advertising space or advertising yourself, you need to bear in mind a few important rules for including video advertisements into your strategies, otherwise, you […]

Infolinks or Performance-based RPC? Which is the Better Payment Model for in-text Advertising?

Infolinks and other in-text monetization companies create little, non-intrusive advertising links on your website that link to products places by people who advertise with the in-text monetization company. Infolinks does pay per click, so you get paid each time an add is clicked, but other companies use different payment models. But are there better options […]

A Look at Infolink’s Self-Serving In-Text Advertising Marketplace

If you’re looking for a cost effective and effortless solution to advertising your business online, then consider using Infolinks. Infolinks was established in 2007 and currently has tens of thousands of websites and advertisers alike, working close with them. They offer an in-text advertising solution, which appears as double underlined links within the content of […]