6 Useful Ways to use your Facebook Fan Page to promote your New Online Business

Why should you have a Facebook fan page? Just launched your new online business? Perhaps you have been online for a good while now? Thought about getting on Facebook yet? Hmmm… If you’re still a little unsure as to why your online business needs a Facebook fan page after all this time, then here’s a [...]

Selecting Your Social Media Wardrobe

Social media – You wouldn’t show up to (most) important job interviews wearing the same clothes in which you recently tended to your lawn duties. You wouldn’t wear your business suite to the neighborhood clean-up event, and you’d probably put some thought into the dinner wear you’d choose to make or anticipate a proposal of [...]

How To Stop Your Facebook Profile From Appearing In The Search Engines!

A while back a good friend of mine asked me if it was at all possible to stop her Facebook profile from appearing in the search engine search results. The short answer is yes, and it’s a pretty simple task to do. If you go to one of the search engines lets say Google for [...]

Google Plus: Social Media’s Star-Crossed Couple?

The very recent and dramatic launch of Google Plus has created a storm of speculation bearing strong similarities to entertainment industry dating gossip. Among Hollywood’s most unforgettable big-screen love affairs, the one’s that burn hottest are those whose characters meet in acrimonious conflict. Gable and Leigh in Gone With the Wind, Burton and Taylor in [...]

Forget SEO & Google: Facebook is your ultimate traffic source alternative!

Jonathan Volk is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most successful and most established affiliate marketer’s on the World Wide Web today, which is why this opportunity comes from his exceptionally informative PDF guide, the FB Ads guide as today’s recommended online marketing product review. Jonathan rightly explains how, as online marketers [...]

Buy Facebook fans: 10 Sites worth checking out!

When launching your Facebook page (affiliate link) for the first time, it can be quite difficult to attract fans to your new page. Thankfully there are services available on the web which can help you get started. For example there are numerous Facebook marketing websites which allows you to purchase targeted or non targeted Facebook [...]

Is Social Media Really Worth your Time & Effort?

These days everyone is raving about social media this and that and how important it is to get on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and so on. Whilst I strongly believe that using social media can give your business greater potential online, and I know Samantha recently highlighted some of the facts about Facebook in her [...]

10 Facts & Reasons why your Business should be using Facebook!

This post is aimed at new business start-up’s using social media and Facebook for business for the first time. If you’re still debating over whether or not to use Facebook for marketing purposes for your business, then here are some top facts and reasons that might just entice you to do so. As if you [...]

Capture Facebook Email Addresses with Facebook OptinApp!

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to capture email addresses of all your new Facebook fan page subscribers, well you’ll be glad to know that you can! Check out the OptinApp for Facebook which serves as today’s subject for review. What is it? OptinApp for Facebook is a powerful list building tool designed by [...]

Facebook Hyper Traffic Review: Facebook Marketing Program

This is a review of the Facebook Hyper Traffic (Affiliate link) system by Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker. What is it? The Facebook Hyper Traffic System is a comprehensive course designed to teach everything you need to know about Facebook marketing and using Facebook to generate traffic to your website, monetization through affiliate programs using [...]