iPad Video Lessons for Business Clients and Individuals

Below is a review of the iPad Video Lessons course from iPad Pete… The iPad is probably one of the most advanced technological discoveries of the modern digital age, both for leisurely use and for business use. According to statistics over 35 million iPads have been sold, all with no instruction manual… Whilst Apple believes [...]

The Blogging Values of an iPhone

If you don’t have an iPhone, well you don’t have an iPhone… that’s one of the quote unquote lines that has stuck in my head ever since seeing the iPhone commercial on telly, about a gazillion times now… These days though most of us who own some kind of smart phone will know too well [...]

Text Messaging Celebrates 19th Anniversary – SMS Marketing – Infographic

Today marks the celebration that sees the 19th anniversary for text messaging – 19 years ago the first ever text message was sent using a mobile phone. Since then it has revolutionised the way we communicate in the modern world. Whilst text message, SMS marketing is still rarely spoken about in today’s modern marketing world, [...]

Top iPhone Apps for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is a career which requires constant vigilance and attention to detail. Extended vacations, sick days, and personal time can cause significant damage to website traffic and overall profits. A number of iPhone apps allow for these sorts of days off while limiting missed important marketing opportunities. Affiliate marketers can now reach out to [...]

Create Your Own iPhone Apps & Games Applications To Sell in App Store

Create your own iPhone apps – The smartphone apps industry is a huge lucrative market and perhaps one of the most profitable avenues in which to generate a substantial amount of money online . If you’ve ever dreamed of getting yourself on the ‘A’ list, alongside some of the most successful iPhone, iPad app developers [...]

16 Top iPhone Apps To Try Before You Die

Amongst the many thousands of apps available for the iPhone, we love trying them all if that is possible at all! However we’ve compiled our top 16 personal favorites which we thought would be cool to share with you. So in all its glory, here is our 16 top iPhone apps to try before you [...]