Google Panda Update December 2011

Google Panda Update December 2011 – Have you been affected? Word is getting around the web that Google may have rolled out a recent ‘minor’ Panda Update… although Matt Cutts may have stated that there wouldn’t be a ‘major’ update lined up for the rest of 2011, it doesn’t rule out a possible ‘minor’ update. [...]

5 Tips on How to use Yahoo Answers to get Laser Targeted Traffic to your Website

One of the best places to generate quality targeted traffic to your blog or your website, and one that is often overlooked is Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers was established in 2005 and is a community driven question-and answer based social networking site attracting around 200 million users worldwide, with around 15 million users visiting the [...]

How Many Websites Does It Take To Make A Full Time Income? – Surprise!

You know for years my focus has been on creating websites and creating content and then working my tail off to promote each one. Recently I was asked just how many sites do you have to have to make a decent full time income. My initial response is that it depends. It depends on the [...]

3 Easy Ways to Add Fresh Content to your Website

Why is it that search engines like Google love blogs? It’s because blogs are updated with fresh quality content on a frequent basis. If you want to improve your site’s search engine rankings regardless weather it’s a blog or not, you need to keep it up to date with fresh content. But sometimes this can [...]

Secrets To Local SEO

Search engines have changed drastically in the past two years. The main points are below: Google Panda Update: Gave less authority to content farms like ezinearticles and other big general article directories. They gave more authority to niche websites because they felt that websites with one theme would seem like the expert in its field. [...]

How Streaming Your Events Live On The Internet Could Make Your Business Number One

Streaming live events is becoming an increasingly innovative and creative platform for marketing businesses. With competition increasing in the majority of niches, gaining momentum for your business is getting harder and harder to achieve. Streaming your events live could be your answer. The following article explores the key benefits of live streaming and how it [...]

SEO Tips for Effective Article Marketing

Article marketing is still very much alive; when it comes to improving your search engine rankings for selective keywords, article marketing when performed correctly, is one of the oldest and most widely used methods of online marketing. Whilst it is essential to note in any case, you should not perform article marketing with the pure [...]

7 Ways to Improve your Alexa Traffic Rank

How do you improve your Alexa traffic rank? – Over the last 3 months we’ve been completely obsessed with working towards improving our Alexa traffic rank. Just in case you didn’t know, Alexa is an Amazon company, and it is the web’s most popular website ranking system, ask any webmaster or web developer. The system [...]