What should Web Marketers do differently for Valentines Day Themes than they did for the holidays?

According to some journalists, Valentines Day is one of the most brilliant and successful gimmick holidays ever invented, prepped and primed for marketing. This is hard to argue with when considering that the entire occasion is built around buying merchandise. Every year, couples express their love and affection by exchanging gifts, influenced by the adverts [...]

14 Effective Ways to Market & Promote your new eBook

OK folks so you’ve spent the last couple of months grueling through the writing and editing process of your sparkly new eBook, you’ve made all the final tweaks here and there, you’ve asked a few of your friends and family members to proof read it for you and everything is ready to go for launch. [...]

45 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

So why should you promote your YouTube channel? Using YouTube is a great way to promote your business, products and services online. With over 3 billion view per day, YouTube us definitely one of the most resourceful social media marketing tools available on the web. The great thing about using YouTube is that you can [...]