How to Add Social Icons to WordPress Blog

I’m often asked about the social icons in the sidebar of my blog and that if others are able to add something similar to their own blogs. In particular visitors are attracted to the clean, simple and boldness of the icons on this blog. Well in this short tutorial we’re going to take a look [...]

How To Setup Email Subscription Request In Feedburner For Genesis Theme Framework!

I’m setting up a email subscription request through Feedburner for one of my latest blog projects: which like this blog is also powered by Genesis, and so would like to share a short tutorial with you. If you’re using Genesis to power your WordPress blog then you’ll appreciate this simple tutorial. Step One Firstly [...]

101 Blog Traffic Tips: 100+ Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

In this post I’m going to provide you with a downloadable guide that contains more than 100 tips and ideas for getting traffic to your blog, using my 101 Blog Traffic Tips guide. The internet is changing fast, the way we absorb content on the web is changing and this is largely thanks to the [...]