5 Awesome Plugins to Secure Your WordPress Site from Hackers

A lot of hard work goes into the creation of a successful WordPress site, but is made useless without proper protection. Hacking is one of the most common problems that several websites, even that of crucial departments are affected by. If you want to stay away from hacking, it is necessary add extra layers of [...]

Simple Blog Maintenance Tips for a Healthy WordPress Blog

In this post I will share with you some simple blog maintenance tips you can start using straight away – When we’re so busy with the everyday tasks of running our blogs, and yes there is a lot to do as a blogger; you’re responsible for writing content for your blog, scheduling posts, moderating and [...]

How To Add 125 x 125 Ads Without Using A Plugin to WP Sidebar

Here you will learn how to add a 125 x 125 ads without using a plugin for WordPress – Some of you have been emailing me asking what plugin I use to display the 125 x 125 ad units in the sidebar of my blog. Well the short answer is that I’m not currently using [...]

WP Plugin Review: Another WordPress Classified Plugin – AWPCP

This is a review and brief tutorial of the AWPCP plugin for WordPress – G’day peeps, today I want to bring to your attention an awesome plugin for WordPress, which perhaps most of you have probably already used or come across at some stage, especially since it has had over 150,000 downloads since it’s birth [...]

My Top WordPress Plugins for 2012

My top WordPress Plugins for 2012 – A while back I was asked by one of our readers, what plugins, and how many plugins do I use for the Magnet4Marketing blog? So I thought it would be great to share with you some of my favourite WordPress plugins for 2012 and a selection of the [...]

6 Must-Try Official and Third Party WordPress Plugins for Genesis Theme Framework

Genesis theme framework is an extremely popular and powerful framework designed for WordPress, as if you didn’t already know that. One of the many benefits of empowering your blog or website with Genesis is the expandability options that it gives you, and one of which I’d like to share with you today are a selection [...]

How to Protect your Blog from Hackers by using Limited Login Attempts Plugin for WordPress

If you haven’t already come across the Limited Login Plugin for WordPress then allow me to share it with you. This plugin is an absolute godsend, and for me one of the most essential plugins to have in your arsenal of plugins as far as I’m concerned and here’s why… Over the recent of months [...]

3 Awesome WordPress Plugins for November

Plugins help to make your WordPress powered website a powerhouse, and this month we’ve found three cool plugins worth checking out, if you already haven’t come across them yet. Two of them are brand spanking new and one has been out for a while but recently received an update, but nevertheless it’s still an awesome [...]

8 Useful WordPress Plugins to enhance your Blogging Experience

Let me remind you why we love WordPress so much! It is because of its unlimited customization capabilities made accessible through a wide range of themes and plugins. On the subject of WordPress plugins it’s been a while since we recommended or reviewed any for that matter. Check out the following 8 random plugins below, some of which [...]